10 Pullaway / Breakaway Couplings

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Breakaway Couplings


  • Flow capacity from 25 GPM to 350 GPM
  • Breakaway protection from either flow direction
  • 500 lb. Shear

Pullaway / Breakaway Couplings


Designed to provide a safe way to transfer LP-Gas and NH3, without sacrificing flow. The FloKill breakaway coupling flows both directions and protects against expensive loss of product or equipment damage if a pull-away occurs during a transfer operation. The breakaway coupling may be used on vapor or liquid lines on transports, delivery trucks, motor fuel containers, fill cabinets and other miscellaneous filling operations.


  • Nitrile soft seat provides positive shutoff both upstream and downstream of source
  • 100 – 300 lbs of force required for disconnect
  • Approximately 100 lbs of force to reconnect
  • Large internal bore for increased flow
  • Durable plated steel construction
  • Rated for LP-Gas & NH3