Systems for Savings

When you are implanting a new propane system, there are many options to consider when it comes to design, equipment and management.  After a successful installation, determining how to manage the gas supply is an important decision to be made.  There are several options, however there are a few choices that can save you money.  LPG Ventures is the expert in storage tank installation and has the expertise to implement a stand-by and peak shaving system to maximize efficiency and ROI.

Stand-By System

A stand-by system offers customers a continuous fuel supply, maintaining fully functional operations during a natural gas curtailment or shut down.

Peak Shaving System

A peak shaving system allows customers to control natural gas consumption during peak times by using integrated process-controls to allow propane-air into the system.

These systems help to ensure constant supply and pressure of natural gas or propane-air (SNG) at peak consumption times.  They also help lower the price paid for natural gas by up to 40% or more by choosing interruptible service.

However you decide to manage your gas supply, choosing an experienced company to help you design and implement your new system with the right equipment is important.  LPG Ventures has the experience and expertise, certifications from many leading safety and engineering agencies, and dedication to quality work and customer satisfaction.

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