Propane: The Environmentally Friendly Gas

Propane is non-toxic, non-caustic and if released as a liquid or a vapor into water or soil it will not create an environmental hazard. Even if the quantities are extremely large, there are no long-term effects on the environment. The only potential danger is if the liquid or vapor is ignited and even then there are no long-term effects. Propane is environmentally sound, friendly and clean in it’s unused state and produces exhaust emissions that exceed requirements for clean fuel vehicles and surpasses eco-friendly expectations in all aspects.

The U.S. Government has listed propane as an approved clean fuel due to the fact that it’s byproducts, or greenhouse gases, emitted through combustion are far less damaging than that of any readily available carbon based fuel used in vehicles and engines today. Without a doubt, propane is a very clean burning fuel having virtually no affects on our environment. LPG Ventures is your source for new and used propane tanks in Kansas City.

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