12 Meter Accessories


Printers: For all mobile and stationary applications. Printers generate an imprinted record of the transactions which is legal for use in resale applications as well as multiple copies of delivery tickets, diagnostic tickets, calibration reports, and shift tickets.


Mechanical Registration:

Mechanical registers have traditionally been used in a variety of mobile and fixed-site applications. Mechanical registers are ideal for applications without electrical power and can be installed on virtually all LC Meters.


Mechanical Preset Counter: Available for either single stage or two stage valve closure. Sets a predetermined volume and controls a mechanically linked valve. Optional micro-switches convert mechanical motion to an electronic signal for control of remotely located valve, pump, and alarms.


Counter-Mounted Pulser: Supplies an electrical signal to remote totalizators, batch controllers, rate-of-flow recorders, etc. Pulser models include dry reed (1 to 10 pusses per revolution), solid state single channel (100 pulses per channel) or solid state quadrature (50 pulses per channel).


Mechanical Rate-Of-Flow Indicator: Direct reading dial providing instantaneous response and dependable accuracy to within 1% of flow rate through meter. Cast aluminum case with ball bearings throughout. Readouts available in gallons, liters, and deciliters per minute.


Mechanical Temperature volume Compensator: Uses a fluid filled capillary system to sense product temperature and automatically correct counter reading for product volume changes due to temperature. When the Temperature is 60F, a 1:1 output ratio is supplied to the register. Output ratio is adjusted upward or downward depending on temperature fluctuation around 60F.

Preset Valve –

Mechanical: this is an inline, 2 stage control valve that can be linked to a preset counter. Aluminum construction, fluorocarbon or PTFE seals, 90 inlet/outlet, NPT or BSPP.

Electrical: this has 2 Solenoid valves for control of the piston preset valve. Aluminum construction, fluorocarbon seals, UL listed, explosion proof, 12 or 24 VDC or 110 or 220 VAC, NPT.

Air Check Valve –

This increases efficiency of the Air Eliminator when the tank is getting low. The valve will stop flowing through the meter when the Air Eliminator vents. Aluminum construction with either Fluorocarbon or PTFE seals.

Mechanical Registers


Veeder-Root 7887: This rugged, precise mechanical meter register is designed for all kinds of liquid inventory and delivery operations. This register tantalizes and displays high-speed deliveries and transactions in large, easy to read figures.

Key Features:

  • Highly visible 5 digit display
  • Mechanical dispense preset and ticket printer
  • Accurate reading sup to 99,999,999 units

Veeder Root 7886: boost efficiency with the series 7886 high capacity meter register that tantalizes and displays high speed deliveries and transaction to 999,999 gallons in large, easy to read figures.

Key features:

  • Works with any liquid inventory and delivery operations
  • Highly visible 6 digit display


Meter Accessories


e:Count is more than just an electronic counter or register. It’s the state of the art for easy mounting and use on any brand or type of meter.


  • Large easy to read alpha numeric display
  • Easy to follow legends for all operations
  • Self contained calibration and set up function
  • Accepts any type of pulse input
  • Built in Enduro Switch control keys for harsh environments
  • Sealed connectors including power, valve control and remote readout
  • Field programmable for custom applications
  • Eliminate change gears, adjusters, linkages and other mechanical parts

We have partnered with the one company that has supplied easy to use electronic systems for the truck meter business for 30 years, MID:COM.

e:Count can be connected to an Epson slip printer, our own impact or our new thermal printer, to provide basic pump and print functions. Our modular design allows a user to upgrade the system by adding components in the cab and leaving the original register, valve and cables to the meter intact. Possible upgrades include all of the current MID:COM computers, general purpose computers and other common peripheral components. NTEP Weights and Measurements approved for US.