Preparing to Remove a Bulk Storage Tank

When you have a bulk storage tank that needs be removed, the process can be quite complex due to regulatory requirements, safety risks and the potential for problems relating to contamination. However, advance planning and partnering with an expert, certified removal specialist can ensure the process goes smoothly.
You Can’t Do the Work Yourself
Since storage tank removal is potentially hazardous, certified excavation technicians are required.  Many risks of explosions and fires exist if proper procedures are not performed. There are also potential hazardous effects on the environment.  Certified experts know all the rules and regulations, testing procedures, have all the right permits and can identify any potential problems before they start. 
Planning for Contamination
The soil around gas tanks must be tested for contamination to comply with environmental regulations.  If no contamination is found, then finalizing the removal process and restoring the site is allowed.  However, if contamination is present, a detailed clean-up plan will be needed.  Removal experts have environmental remediation plans in place to make sure contamination is removed and environmental hazards no longer exist.
A little advance planning, knowledge and help from an expert will ensure your storage tank removal goes smoothly from start to finish, leaving you with a site you’re sure is clean.  LPG Ventures is an expert in storage tank excavation whether the tanks are underground or aboveground.   We are industry professionals who offer you expertise gained from a lifetime of experience. Please contact us today for a free consultation!

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