Portapak Systems

When storage demands require a short-term or portable solution due to a temporary site or possible plant relocation in the near future, a custom skid mounted and portable tank system (PortaPak) is the perfect solution. LPG Ventures offers custom designed and fabricated PortaPaks to suit your project. Our quality craftsmanship ensures our specialized products meet all industry standards. We employ ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) certified welders, weld inspectors, X-ray technicians and perform certified DOT (Department of Transportation) inspections.

Safety on the road and on the job is our number one priority, therefore, all of our PortaPaks have fully adjustable landing gear, removable axles and advanced hose break-away technology. Our transportation services department is available for delivery anywhere in North America guaranteeing courteous drivers and safe, on-time delivery.

Upon arrival, our PortaPaks are ready to connect! They are fully piped and can be adapted for vapor or liquid service with no expensive crane charges. LPG Ventures is ready to offer their expertise and experience to understand your operations and offer solutions tailored to your specific project’s needs.

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