How to Choose the Right Used Tank

Purchasing a used propane storage tank versus a new one not only reduces costs, but it is also reduces environmental impacts.   Older tanks are considerably thicker and produced to a higher safety factor than brand new tanks.  A used storage tank near your project site can often be found and bought immediately, saving thousands on freight costs.  However, be sure to take a few things into consideration when purchasing a used storage tank.

Proper Amount of Storage and Certification

A qualified commercial propane / SNG (synthetic natural gas) company can determine the space and distance requirements needed for the size and quantity of propane tanks needed for any project.   To properly determine the size of propane tank you need, a commercial propane or SNG contractor will need to know the maximum BTU load. This will determine what size propane tank is required as well as any vaporizer and or blender system that may be needed to provide adequate propane or SNG.  The possibility of future growth and need for more propane at your operation must also be taken into consideration.

Board Certification

Propane storage tanks that have a national board number on their data plate or stamped in the steel are able to have paperwork obtained.  This is referred to as the U1A Data report, which is basically a birth certificate of the tank detailing the material used, original openings, manufacturer, inspectors, dates, pressure test, certifications, etc.  This can be helpful when deciding on the purchase of a used tank.

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