Discover Storage Tank Excavation and Removal that Gets Results

Industry and manufacturing plants as well as a wide variety of other businesses often require the expert services of a company that handles a wide range of storage tank excavation and removal services. This is an important service that must be done right the first time around to ensure that contamination and other safety related matters are always addressed at the forefront. LPG Ventures is a company with a proven reputation in providing the best service and quality tank sales.

Quality Service

As an industry leader in the sales and service of industrial gas tanks, ammonia tanks, propane tanks and other types of tanks, the company has a proven track record with prior and existing customers. In addition, LPG Ventures offers nationwide service and sales for everything from piping kits to piers and equipment as well as new plant construction and ASME storage tanks. Few of the companies compare when it comes to an unwavering commitment to quality service, safety and fair pricing. The company has an established presence in the industry dating back to the mid-1990s.

Concrete Piers And Plant Acquisitions

With a lifetime of experience, LPG Ventures offers viable solutions that are tailored to the customer’s needs each and every time. Second best is simply not an option for the experts who routinely provide quality service and who represent LPG Ventures. From tank inventory to precast concrete piers and plant acquisitions as well as NGL storage tanks and transportation services, this is a company that simply gets it right. Even modifications and repairs to ASME tanks are fast, efficient and affordable. Contact the friendly team at LPG Ventures today to learn more about storage tank excavation and removal in Kansas City and around the country.

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