Advantages of Propane Today

Propane today is mainly produced here in the United States from natural gas and crude oil refining.  It is nontoxic, colorless and has minimal odor, but can have color added for easy detection.  Propane is also an attractive fuel choice because it offers many advantages over others that include price and convenience.

Cost Effective

Propane costs less than electricity and works harder.  Appliances powered by propane use less energy because it burns hotter and more evenly than many other fuels.  Based on national averages, propane is about one-third the cost of electricity.

Convenient and Clean

Today propane is prominent with over 70,000 miles of interstate in the United States.  It can also be used in areas beyond gas mains since it can be stored in portable tanks.  Refueling these tanks is fast and easy like refueling a car. Large tanks can be buried underground to fuel homes since it is nontoxic and nonpoisonous and not harmful to soil or water.  It is an approved, clean fuel classified by the Environmental Protection Agency.  Propane-fueled vehicles produce 30 to 90 percent less carbon monoxide and 50 percent less toxins than gasoline.

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  1. Luke Smith says:

    It’s nice that you pointed out how propane costs less than electricity and works harder. I was checking out a book about agriculture earlier and I learned that the agricultural sector actually uses propane nowadays. From what I’ve seen, it seems there are plenty of propane sales being offered now too.

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