23 Service Valves for DOT Fork Lift & ASME Motor Fuel Containers

These valves are designed for vapor or liquid withdrawal service on DOT fork lift containers (80.2064) and ASME containers. These valves are equipped with an excess flow limiter with different settings. Because these valves do not have an integrated pressure relief valve, they may only be used as an accessory valve on containers that have an independent PRV suitable for that containers capacity.

Cavagna-Group 000002-UL-Listed



  • These valves are supplied with pre-applied sealant on the inlets. The 80.2064 also has pre-applied sealant on the outlet.
  • Double O-Ring Stem Seal: Two O-Rings from the stem seal for improved resistance to leakage caused by dirt or extreme temperatures.
  • Tamper-proof Design: a travel stop keeps the hand-wheel from being removed which helps to prevent tampering
  • Sturdy Quality Brass hand-wheel: Large, sturdy brass hand-wheel and stem threads less likely to break, even with rough handling
  • Static Seat Disc: in the 73:0001 valve, the seat disc does not rotate, abrasive wear on the disc is eliminated, improving service life
  • Recessed Excess Flow Valve: the recessed excess flow valve helps reduce the possibility of mechanical damage or fouling from excess pipe compound.