21 Type 1 ACME Cylinder Valves with Overfill Prevention Device (OPD)

These Type 1 ACME Valves (CCA791) are intended for DOT Cylinders up to 40 pounds LPG Capacity (96 pounds water capacity). This valve has a vapor service outlet, relief valve, captive fixed liquid level gauge, and an overfill prevention device (OPD).

Cavagna-Group 000002-UL-Listed



  • Rapid purging and filling with over one million BTU withdrawal capacity
  • Tri-lobular one-piece forged aluminum handwheel
  • double O-Ring stem seal for improved leak resistance
  • Pre-Applied Sealant
  • Quality O-ring check valve seat, opens only with positive seal
  • Brass safety cage surrounding critical welds provides additional protection to components for long-term operational performance