17 Service Valves for ASME & DOT Containers / Fuel Line Application


  • Double O-Ring Stem Seal: Two O-rings from the stem seal for improved resistance to leakage due to dirt or temperature extremes
  • Sturdy Quality Brass Hand-wheel: New large sturdy brass hand-wheel and stem threads are less likely to break, even with rough handling
  • Reparable Design Based Upon Request
  • Static Seat Disc: Because the seat disc does not rotate, abrasive wear on the disc is eliminated, improving service life




Open–close valve with POL outlet. Designed for vapor withdrawal only.


Designed specially for vapor withdrawal service on ASME and DOT containers. Due to it having no integral pressure relief valve, it may only be used as an accessory valve on containers that have an independent pressure relief valve sufficient for that container’s capacity. This valve can also be used as a service valve on a 420 lb vertical tank. This valve also incorporates a fixed liquid level gauge. Specify DT length when ordering.