12 Turbo-Flo LE Transfer Valve

The Turbo-Flo LE (Low Emission) transfer system is the industries most efficient and most effective way to transfer LPA Gas in bobtail, transport, railcar and bulk plant applications. This product will pay for itself through gas savings during disconnect and its increased flow rate. While any part of this is interchangeable with other standard systems, to receive maximum savings, all three products must be used simultaneously. (LE Transfer Valve, LE ACME Adapter, and MEC Globe Valve)




  • Minimum $350 savings per 1,000 fills
  • Reduces product emissions by 99.6% over standard valves
  • 100% compatible with existing ACME transfer connections
  • All stainless steel internal components
  • Convenient carrying handles and custom fit dust plug with lanyard (not shown)

Pilot orifice allows the valve to equalize and open only when the valve is attached to the mating part. When the valve is not attached to the mating part, the valve cannot equalize and will not open coupling.