09 Couplings & Adapters

000001-Fisher 000002-UL-Listed

Single-Piece POL Adapters

These single-piece brass POL adapters are available in four styles. Connections are 1/4 through 3/4″ NPT, 3/8″ flare and 1/2″ NPT flare. Brass construction. Standard product temperature rating is -20 to 160F / -29 to 71C.


Filler Hose Adapter

Intended for the outlet of a bobtail truck filling hose, the Type M570 enables the filling hose to be removed if the filler valve fails to close. An integral back check in the adapter prevents gas from escaping in the event of a failure of the filler valve. The filler valve should be repaired as soon as possible and the Type M570 removed from the filler valve.