08 Con-Stab ID Seal Fittings

Continentals unique ID Seal design enables the seal to be maintained on the smooth inside surface of the polyethylene pipe, regardless of the exterior surface of the piping. This improved seal protection creates the ultimate design for mechanical joints.

The Con-Stab ID Seal fittings provide the user with the following advantages:

  • Cost effective joining method
  • Simple assembly
  • No additional assembly equipment required for installation (just chamfer pipe and push)
  • Expanded product line with various configurations and material options
  • Uni-body design eliminating all external parts
  • Pressure rating that meets or exceeds the maximum design pressure of the piping system
  • Meets or exceeds all DOT, ASTM and NFPA 58 requirements

T- Constab ID Seal fittings 1

Each Con-Stab ID Seal fitting provides the following unique features:

  • Two Internal Seals
  • Fixed Stiffener
  • Self-Locking Gripper
  • Moisture Lip

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