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Smart hose Technologies

Smart-Hose assemblies are designed and engineered with a valve integrated in each end fitting. if the hose assembly experiences a catastrophic hose failure, the smart-hose safety system is designed to instantaneously shut off the flow in both directions designed as a passive safety device, the Smart-Hose safety system needs no human intervention to activate. The SHSS is integrated into LPG/Propane transfer hose assemblies and is designed to meet the most rugged applications found in the LPG/Propane industry. All hose assemblies through 3″ ID are designed to meet UL21 standards, 4″ & 6″ are built to BS 4089-1989.

  • Each hose is serial numbered
  • Each hose is shipped with a Test Certificate and Operating Booklet
  • Each hose meets US Passive Shutoff Mandate for MC330/331 Transports
  • Each hose meets NFPA 58 & 59
  • 316 Stainless steel fittings are designed for reuse on new hose.