06 Emergency Shutoff Valves – Bulk Plants

Snappy Joe Emergency Shutoff valves (ESVs) for bulk plants are designed for in-line installations, usually in close proximity to bulkheads. It allows for a quick shutoff of LPG, NH3 or NGL’s in unexpected events such as a hose rupture or a broken pipe.

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Snappy Joe Emergency Shutoff Valves for Bulk Plants

Snappy Joe Type N551 emergency shut-of valves (ESVs) are designed for inline installations, usually near a bulkhead. The valves provide a means of shutting off gas in the event of a hose rupture or piping break at the transfer area to avoid a large scale loss of LPG or Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3).

High Flow Capacity: the main Poppet moves completely out of the flow stream for extremely low restriction to flow.

Operational Ease: Moving the operating lever to the vertical position opens the valve, making it simple to tell if the unit is open or closed. A pilot valve in the poppet opens as the lever is moved upward to pressurize the hose. Once equalized, the poppet moves quickly to the open position.

The valve is closed by simply pushing the lever down without first having to trip a latch. The operating lever is easily reached from across a bulkhead. All sizes look similar and operate exactly the same, an important point in a n emergency situation.

Fusible Element: The fusible element is located at the hub of the operating lever and stub shaft. When exposed to fire, the element melts allowing the stub shaft to turn. The poppet then moves to the closed position, even if the operating lever has been wired open.

Rugged Construction: Heavy duty construction makes Snappy Joe ESVs suitable for use as a working shutoff valve fo the transfer area, even under frequent use. The internal closing spring is protect it from the elements and tampering. All seats and seals use UL approved materials rated for -40F / -40C and have metal backup seals for extended fire resistance. The valves are rated 400 psig / 27.6 bar WOG.

Ease of Service: Serviceable without removal from the pipeline. Parts that wear are external and can be changed out in a matter of minutes. The packing can be changed with the valve inline.

Cable Release: Standard valves are fitted wit a release mechanism for cable attachment. A cable connected to the wire loop allows closure from a safe remote location, such as the bulk plant entrance.

While the orinary cable can be used, the Type P164B release assembly is available. This assembly uses 50 feet / 15 m of cable housing which does not require elaborate guiding like uncovered cables.

Pneumatic Operation: Remote pneumatic closure is available with Type P327D release. Depending upon valve inlet pressure, a minimum supply pressure of 30 to 70 psig / 2.1 to 4.8 bar on the Type P327D allows the valve to be latched in the open position with manual closer possible at the valve. Loss of supply pressure to the cylinder permits the ESV to close. Air, nitrogen or CO2 can be used for the cylinder supply source. Maximum inlet pressure to the cylinder is 125 psig / 8.6 bar. Operating temperature rating is -40 to 160F / -40 to 71C.

Type P539A: Pneumatic actuator permits opening and closing Fisher brand N551 series Snappy Joe emergency Shutoff valves both at the valve with the use of pneumatic 4-way valve and from a remote location. The actuator opens the valve when pressure is applied. Minimum pressure is 20 psig / 1.4 bar and maximum pressure is 30 psig / 2.1 bar.

upon loss of pressure, the N551 Series closes, assisted by the spring in the pneumatic actuator.

Type N851 Series for Special Service: The Type N551 series can be ordered with alternate elastomer compounds for various industrial process applications. The Type N851K is assembled with FFKM (Kalrez or equivalent) and can be used in a variety of fluid services. Other materials may be available. contact your LPG Ventures representative for more details.