04 LP Gas Hose Reels


  • GM-700 Guidemaster
  • FH-3 Roller & Spool Assembly


GM-700 EPS-1-Switch Top-Wind Bottom-Wind

GM-700 Guidemaster

Multi-position hose guide with explosion-proof rewind control.

both models help unwind and rewind hose faster, easier, and with less damage to the hose. Five positive locking positions let the operator pull the hose out and away form sharp corners of cabinet or deck. An explosion proof, push button switch in the guide-master handle lets the operator control the rewind motor as he guides the hose on the reel in neat, uniform coils.

Construction: Cast aluminum alloy housing, stamped steel pivot plate. Polished aluminum alloy rollers turn on ball bearings. Stainless steel spring, components, and fasteners are used in the pivot release mechanism. Six feet of wire is supplied to connect operating switch to the solenoid. Switch has Class 1 (group A, B, C, D) and NEMA 4x ratings.

The Guide-master can be ordered in 3 ways:

  1. Guidemaster only, supplied with 4 mounting bolts and ready to be attached to your mounting brackets.
  2. Guidemaster and brackets, includes steel mounting bracket, beveled spaces, and fasteners designed for your reel. Ready to install. Specify top or bottom wind.
  3. Guidemaster mounting brackets factory installed. Specify top or bottom wind.

To Order: For factory installation of mounting bracket, guidemaster should be ordered when you order the reel. When purchasing Gudiemaster for installation on your present reel, give the complete model number and serial number of your reel and the complete part number of the guidemaster.

Circuit breaker must be used with all DC electric motors

NOTE: This guidemaster can be used with reels up to a maximum drum width (or B dimension) of 22″. Operates with up to 2.16″ O.D. hose.


Bottom-Wind-2 Top-Wind-2 Roller FH-3

FH-3 Roller and Spool Assembly

Not recommended for hoses larger than 1-1/2″ I.D.

Speeds handling and reduces hose wear. buffed stainless steel rollers resist corrosion, pitting, and abrasion. Polished, chrome-plated spools and blocks add lasting beauty to your equipment. Delrin bearing surfaces assure quiet operation and minimum wear.

Assembly can be factory installed, when specified, or ordered for field installation on reels or other equipment.

To Order: For factory installation, specify FH-3 Assembly and indicate position on reel. As an accessory, specify FH-3 Assembly and give length of roller (Dimension Z), and distance between mounting holes (Dimension X). Mounting brackets are available.


Hose Reel Components

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