02 Coro-Flo Stationary Pumps

Features and Benefits:

  • Designed Specifically for LPG
  • Simple to Service
  • Suitable for Many Applications
  • Equipped with a Condensate Drain



Designed Specifically for LPG

The Corken Coro-Flo pump was designed for LPG, NH3 and other light liquids. From low-capacity, medium-head pumping, the Coro-Flo pump is the pump of choice. Extremely quiet and free of vibration and pulsation, the Coro-Flo pump provides trouble-free service and long life for volatile liquids such as LPG. The exclusive turbine constriction provides smooth continuous flow through the pump case, resulting in higher efficiency and greater capacity and pressure for the same size motor. The one moving part, the impeller, floats on the shaft without contacting adjacent surfaces, thus extending pump life.

Simple to Service

The Coro-Flo pump has been designed for simplicity of inspection and service. The cover can be removed and the impeller and seal serviced without disturbing the piping. The balanced mechanical seal is furnished with its own sleeve, providing extremely reliable service.

Suitable for Many Applications

Although the Corken Coro-Flo pump was originally developed to fill propane cylinders, it has found its way into many other applications, especially where volatile liquid transfer is involved. It is commonly used to feed industrial vaporizing and aerosol filling systems, and to transfer liquefied gassed like NH3, CO2, SO2 and refrigerated gasses. In process plants, the Coro-Flo pump is used as a boiler feed pump and for handling condensate.

Every Corken Coro-Flo pump is thoroughly inspected and tested to assure its quality and performance. The Coro-Flo pump is listed by Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc. for use in LP-Gas and anhydrous ammonia services.

Equipped with a Condensate Drain

Since intermittent duty may cause condensate to form inside the motor, all electrical motors for the C-model Coro-Flo pumps are equipped with a special condensate drain. This drain allows the moisture to automatically drain from the motor and reduce the risk of damage due to a large accumulation of moisture.